We are a team of dedicated senior IT consultants who values your business.
About CloudPlex

Big IT problems are prevalent in small and large enterprise companies. However, the challenge for small to mid-sized companies is the lack of tools and resources to mitigate complex exposures such as loss of productivity due to data breaches, cyber-attacks, communication barriers, and other common operational threats.

Large enterprise companies win because they have large IT engines to support them. Cloudplex specializes in making big IT solutions possible for companies with 50 – 250 employees and you don’t have to settle for cookie cutter solutions offered by other companies.

The modern IT technology landscape has become progressively more complex and recent global changes have impacted how businesses operate. Many companies have adopted a 100% remote workforce. More remote workers increase the potential for malware, exposure of proprietary data, and other costly invasions.  The recovery costs could completely level a small to mid-sized business.

Cloudplex provides modern and tailored solutions to improve productivity, increase availability, and reduce overall costs. We provide solutions to fit your performance needs and your budget, today and into the future.

Expertise and Specialization

We enjoy finding smart solutions to challenges presented by today’s changing industry demands. It’s our passion! Our consultants are highly trained in modern IT technologies and are also subject matters experts in the following specializations.

  • Startups

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Small Businesses to mid-size businesses

  • Commercial Real estate

The world is witnessing just how quickly IT support demands can change and alter an industry’s priorities and unique needs. Our areas of specialization are among the hardest impacted by this global pandemic and thankfully our team has the hands-on experience, agility, insight, and responsiveness to answer the call with the most appropriate IT solutions to support your company’s immediate and future needs. 

With more than three decades of combined modern IT technology, Cloudplex is the partner of choice for small to mid-sized businesses who value integrity, quality, communication, sustained results, with an all-inclusive and collaborative approach.