Our Services

We know you want an environment that is easy, seamless and secure. Let us take you there.

Our unified services model is designed to reduce downtime and increase connectivity allowing your employees and contractors to work safely and securely from their devices. As a result, your employees remain productive in a highly competitive and shrinking marketplace.

We help you develop short and long-term service plans that foster significant growth to your bottom line and allow you to address the demands of your specific market. With Cloudplex, you have the exact IT support that you need when you need it most. 


You need a partner who knows how to plan for both the known and the unknown. We have seen stumbling blocks and saboteurs, and can steer you past them with our expertise in Cloud Readiness Assessments and Roadmap Development, Cloud Transition Planning, Deployment, and Adoption Services.


It’s complex, it’s challenging. It involves integrating legacy architectures with new technology and never missing a terabyte. It’s about marrying your past with your present to deliver your future.


One organization to have your back when fingers point. Our deep knowledge of hybrid, multi-vendor architectures means when you have a problem, we have the expertise and the relationships to make it go away.

Our Service Areas

Whenever you need it – from wherever you are – on whatever device – let Microsoft 365 give you secure access to files, applications, and collaboration tools.

Data recovery, storage, networking, applications, compute capabilities – they’re all waiting for you on the Azure cloud, and our Azure QuickStart program is your ticket there.

Lead your organization’s move to mobility and cloud services using hybrid identity, device management, and information rights management with Steeves and Associates.

Protect your business by replicating critical business applications and services to the cloud with Steeves Business Continuity Services and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

Where is your data? Let us show you how you can own it everywhere – even in a cloud.

No matter what data you’re storing, keep it under virtual lock and key. Always. We’ll show you how.